BYU Advertising Students Spend a Summer in Europe “Making Music”

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his summer, some of BYU’s advertising students had the opportunity to travel to Europe where they attended advertising award shows, visited well-known advertising agencies and learned the ins and outs from seasoned professionals. Many of the students agreed that the highlight of the trip was working with two major brands: Beats by Dre and Apple.

BYU Ad student Parker Hadley helped design and pitch campaigns to Apple and Best by Dre. Photo credit: Parker Hadley

It was thanks to a BYU alumni connection that the students were able to work with Beats. They worked long hours both day and night creating exciting ideas for the company. Not only did they create the ideas, but they also presented them to executives at their headquarters in London. They spent a few weeks in London working and visiting local sites, and even when they left to visit Amsterdam continued their work.

If working on creating ideas for a huge brand name wasn’t enough, they were up against another advertising agency who also created and pitched ideas to Beats.

“It was crazy. We were students competing against professionals,” said Parker Hadley, a BYU advertising student.

Presenting their ideas to the company was nerve-wracking, but their suggestions were received with positivity and excitement.

Being put up against a professional advertising agency may seem unfair as students, but they had lots of opportunity to prepare for this kind of project. Just weeks earlier, they attended the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. There they heard many industry professionals and prominent pop culture figures share insight, information and even encouragement. They learned what it takes to build personal brands from people like Demi Lovato, Halsey and Karlie Kloss. They also saw some of the work these companies produced and attend award shows where some that work received various awards.

“Seeing all of the award-winning work up close, prepared us more than anything else ever could.” said Wilsynn Wheats, a senior in the advertising program.

While they don’t know yet which ideas Beats will use, the experience was priceless. “We were personally mentored by the best of the best,” said Wilsynn. “We got to do so many things that people who’ve been in the advertising industry for years don’t even get to do.”

Written by Bekah Lundquist Peterson