Facebook Bots: Promote Your Business in a New Way

This year, the employees at Y Digital had the opportunity to attend the Utah’s Digital Marketing Collective (DMC) Conference for 2018. It was jam packed with topics from everything from paid to organic digital marketing.

One of the keynote speakers Larry Kim talked about a new tactic in digital marketing, Facebook Messenger Chatbots. Kim is the founder and CEO of a company titled MobileMonkey and has great expertise in using Facebook Messenger Chatbots. During his presentation, he listed several benefits of utilizing Facebook Chatbots in digital marketing efforts:

  1. You can achieve a higher ROI than “likes” from a Facebook ad
  2. You can gain higher customer loyalty through a two-way communication system
  3. You can generate quality leads through the subscription service

Here at Y Digital, we can help you generate more leads with Facebook Messenger Chatbots. Contact us now to see how we can implement these bots for you in your marketing efforts.

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