Silicon Valley CEO unveils 4 tips to success at Y Digital’s grand opening

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hen the CEO of a Silicon Valley company comes to speak at BYU, you listen. At the beginning of fall semester, the Y Digital lab was packed with public relations students eager to hear Carlos Garcia’s pro marketing tips.

Garcia is the founder and CEO of a digital marketing company called HYP3R. Y Digital students use revolutionary HYP3R technology to analyze data, engage consumers and amplify social media campaigns.

Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia, Silicon Valley CEO of HYP3R, speaks to BYU public relations students about best practices in digital marketing. Garcia believes BYU students have what it takes to change the marketing industry by keeping it “surprisingly human.”

Garcia’s technology is pivotal to the success of the Y Digital lab. He wanted to inspire the students who use it to take risks and land dream jobs in the marketing world. Here are four of the businessman’s essential tips for marketing:

  1. Make marketing delightful.

Garcia encouraged students to make marketing a delightful process focused on inspiring people, not just selling things. In his own words, “Marketing should be efficient for business and delightful for consumers.”

To be successful, students should create content that’s enjoyable to create and delightful for someone else to receive.

  1. Be surprisingly human.

No one likes to feel like they’re being sold something. The way to really reach people is to be authentic and relatable. Students should engage audiences by putting themselves in the consumer’s shoes. If the marketer doesn’t believe in their message, their audience won’t either.

  1. Choose your partners wisely.

Garcia explained that there are two kinds of partners who will make all the difference in a career: a business partner and a life partner. More than once while Garcia was speaking to students, he lovingly mentioned ways his wife had helped make some of the most important decisions in his career. The San Francisco businessman said, “I would not be here if it was not for her decision to say, ‘I’ll follow you.’” Students should choose a life partner who will support them in their endeavors and lend a trusted opinion when needed.

  1. Make shareable content.

Garcia explained that the most effective marketing is a friend’s recommendation. You should be producing content that people want to share. If someone doesn’t see your content and have the urge to say, “honey, come look at this!” then it probably needs rethinking. Simply put, “if it’s not being shared, it’s not good enough.”

As a self-proclaimed optimist, Garcia lives to take risks and encouraged students to do the same. “Don’t settle for what is quickly accessible to you, but live your dreams” he said. “Risk is measured by what you could regret, not what you can lose.”

Y Digital Lab
From left: Professor Joseph Ogden and students Stephanie Smith, Genny Hickman and Lauren Kutschke use HYP3R geofencing technology to analyze social media activity while working in BYU’s Y Digital lab. Y Digital is a student-run digital marketing agency specifically tailored to public relations students at BYU.

To learn more about HYP3R and the role it plays in the Y Digital lab, you can email director Adam Durfee, or enroll in the lab that is offered to all communications students every semester.

Written by Shannon Baird


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