Google AdWords for Dummies

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oogle AdWords is an online platform where companies can utilize paid-search advertising to maximize profits. It is essential for all companies and brands to develop a digital strategic plan that optimizes both paid advertising and organic searches. Although there are many different routes and strategic methods related to Google AdWords, it’s important to first understand the basics so you don’t get lost in the complexity of Google’s real estate platform.

But first let’s talk about how Google AdWords works: Google AdWords lets you place search results for your website on a search engine results page (SERP) by paying for them. Essentially you pick keywords that you think will be searched on Google, and then create an advert for your website that will appear as a sponsored link in the search engine results page. Since multiple companies usually want the same keywords, rival companies can bid for certain keywords.

A sample search for housing in Provo, Utah shows the “sponsored ads” for the top 3 searches. The top companies were the highest bid for these specific keywords.

Online Strategy

A digital strategy is necessary for all businesses, and using Google AdWords can add a lot to your online presence. According to the blog Wishpond, for every dollar spent on Google AdWords, the average business generates one dollar in revenue. Additionally, 95% of Google’s total revenue comes from Advertising.

Jenna Lestarge, a beginner AdWords Specialist, has already seen enormous results in a short time.

“Google AdWords is essential for any type of business. It can be risky, but usually it is worth the risk” she said.

Google AdWords can give you a leg-up in your specific industry due to the online advertising benefit of reaching a larger audience.

Understanding the Lingo

Jumping into Google AdWords without preparation and research can be like jumping head-first into an ice-cold lake. It is scary, dark and you will probably struggle staying afloat.

Understanding the lingo and what all the terms mean can greatly help you and your business as you are starting out with Google AdWords. According to Google resources, understanding the lingo and terms can help improve and specialize your bidding strategy.

Some terms that are important to know are:

  • Impression: A measurement of how many times the ad has been shown.
  • CPC (cost-per-click): The most common type of bid on Google. You pay every time a person actually clicks on your ad.
  • CTA (call to action): The action you want the consumer to take away from the ad.
  • Quality Score: Google’s measurement based on the relevancy of the ad’s headline, description, keywords and URL.
  • Ad Rank: The value that is used to determine where your ad shows up on a page, based on the bid amount.

Focus on the Basics

Although Google AdWords tends to be complex due to the multiple various and strategies, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start with the basics, and then gradually broaden your horizon.

“When I first started learning about Google AdWords it was easy to get confused with all of the topics. Once I decided to only focus on the basics, it became much easier to understand,” says Jenna Lestarge, who works with Google AdWords daily.

According to the blog Wishpond, over 1.2 million companies advertise with Google AdWords. Understanding the fundamentals and basics will greatly help in utilizing this dominating online platform.

Use the Online Resources

You need to pass two of the six exams with at least an 80 percent or better to become AdWords certified. You will need to take the Google AdWords fundamental exam and then you can choose between search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising and shopping advertising as your second exam.

Preparing for the Google AdWords exams can be stressful and time-consuming Make use of all the online resources to help you study.

There are countless resources available online that can help you understand the basics of Google AdWords and help you prepare for the exams. Even Google offers study guides and video tutorials that walk you through AdWords.

The online resources are quite helpful with introducing you to the different aspects of the platform including pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and strategic bidding.

Utilizing Google AdWords can be very beneficial to any online strategy. Not only does it help with online advertising and promotion, it helps reach your desired audience. Understanding the lingo and focusing on the basics is the best way to ease your way into Google’s real-estate platform. Although the online resources are extremely helpful, the best way to learn how to use the platform is to do just that — use it!

Written by McKell Staheli


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