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Imagine all of your clients gathered in one place at an event. What if you could engage with everyone there? I don’t mean going around the room talking to hundreds of people, but instead, engaging them in real-time through social media.

HYP3R, according to its website, is a geoscocial platform that puts coordinates on an area and allows you to engage and interact with all the social media accounts within the area. Learn more details about the company here.

Let me break it down simply for you.

I worked on a project for a Fortune 500 company and for the event it was sponsoring. The company wanted to interact with its fans at the event. Since being at the event in person talking to everyone is virtually impossible, I was a part of a hired team responsible for interacting with attendees via social media.

We used HYP3R to set the geofencing around the event, which gathered all of the social accounts posting within the area. All of the posts on Instagram were pulled into the HYP3R site, where we could access them and engage in real time.

Throughout the entire event, we engaged fans on their pictures by commenting and liking. We also gave away prizes through social media.

The entire project improved the company’s engagement by 200 percent, according to statistics from Y Digital Agency, a student-run PR agency at Brigham Young University.

Fans at the event loved it.

They were noticed.

They were heard.

They were loved.

The experience brought one of their favorite brands to life. Because that brand was interacting with THEM.

Three Simple Steps to Start Using HYP3R

I’m going to break it down into three simple steps to get started with HYP3R and real-time engagement.

Select the event
Identifying which event you want to engage with people is important. The event you choose needs to be an event where a lot of people will be in attendance and who will be posting pictures frequently.

Examples can be professional sporting events, concerts, races or galas.

All of these events will have thousands of people keeping their Instagrams updated.

Select a team
Make sure you are well-staffed to engage in real time. A lot of diligent work is required because the posts will start flooding in at the event.

You’ll want to be responding frequently and attentively to ensure you’re interacting with as many accounts as possible.

Begin HYP3R use
You will need to open an account with HYP3R, but once you do, the opportunities are endless. Not only can you geofence an event to pull all of the posts in that area, but the posts will be pulled to one place on your HYP3R account. You can scroll through them and not have to scramble around to find the posts.

Analytics are also a genius part of HYP3R. You’ll be able to see the stats of engagement rates, top responses, etc. The numbers don’t lie. Your engagements rates will go through the roof.

First-hand experience with HYP3R

Stephanie Smith, a public relations student at Brigham Young University, has worked on many projects for clients using HYP3R and states:

“It is an innovative and effective way to engage with people,” Stephanie said. “It allows a brand to come to life. Instead of drinking a Coke at a basketball game, what if Coca Cola commented on your Instagram post at that game. And even better, what if Coca Cola commented telling you to go to the nearest concession stand and get a free Coke on them? That is how we use HYP3R. We bring brands to life, which ultimately brings loyalty from customers to the brands.”

Engaging in real time is the latest way to build a brand. Forget publishing a news release in the newspaper. If you want your client to get noticed, interact with its customers and fans on social media.

People can have so much more than simply drinking a Coke.

Written by Genny Hickman

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