Four Digital Marketing Tools Every Communications Pro Should Know

top tech programs for communications professionals.

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s the digital world grows increasingly complex, these digital software programs will make your professional life simpler. Get ahead of the pack after graduation by becoming an expert at these four different social media tools.

Big names like Disney, Warner Brothers and The Pew Research Center use these programs to find answers to their questions. Now BYU Communications students can learn to use these tools to help solve their problems too.

What’s all the buzz about Buzz Sumo?

What types of things are most intriguing? What are people talking about and sharing online? Buzz Sumo lets you see what content is getting the most attention online and helps you find out why.

  • Works as a search engine that gathers and ranks content based on its likes and shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Tracks the source of the shared content and anyone who has linked to the articles.
  • Helps to understand influencers and the types of content they’ve pushed to go viral.
  • Uses a “Question Analyzer” since September 2017. It scans forums and sites like Quora, Reddit and Amazon and pinpoints trending questions people are asking on any chosen topic.

What makes Crimson Hexagon the Data King?

During the summer of 2016, BYU Comms Professor Joseph Ogden decided to brush up on the newest tech by becoming a part-time intern at Edelman New York. Referring to his experience he said, “In my visits to agencies that summer, almost every person I asked said the most powerful social listening tool they had been using was Crimson Hexagon. That’s when I knew we needed it at our school and in our lab.”

Crimson Hexagon is a leading social listening tool that monitors more than what people are saying online. It can track how consumers are feeling about a brand and what motivates that audience through the analysis of social data the company owns.

  • Maintains the biggest social data library online with 1 trillion posts and counting.
  • Improves sentiment analysis by analyzing how people feel about brands based off the images and context of the post as opposed to analyzing the literal text alone.
  • Profiles an audience accurately by identifying the demographics and psychographics of specific groups of people.
  • Recommends key messaging based on the consumers’ interactions with brand on social media. Makes recommendations on how the company can use the data to influence their business decisions.

[/vc_column_text][mk_padding_divider size=”20″][mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” text_size=”18″ align=”left” font_family=”none”]In my visits to agencies that summer, almost every person I asked said the most powerful social listening tool they had been using was Crimson Hexagon.[/mk_blockquote][mk_padding_divider size=”20″][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]

Is HYP3R living up to the hype?

If the Golden State Warriors are using it, it must live up to the hype. HYP3R is a geosocial marketing platform. The technology uses geo-fencing and social media monitoring to enhance experiences at venues like stadiums, hotels or even hospitals. CEO of HYP3R, Carlos Garcia, said, “The goal is to organize the social activity of places around the world.”

  • Tracks all public social activity in a specific location, regardless of hashtags and mentions.
  • Humanizes companies by getting them to engage in online conversations with customers in more personal ways.
  • Enhances customer experience by listening online to values and needs. For example, Marriott’s chief global marketing officer, Karen Timpone, explained that when someone posts a wedding engagement photo from one of their properties, the Marriott team can get ahold of the location and reach out to their customers with champagne, a room upgrade, or a free appetizer.

New to Nuvi?

Another stellar digital analysis company, Nuvi, offers a real-time visualization software created by a BYU alumni. NUVI is designed to produce actionable insights through social listening. Like Crimson Hexagon, Nuvi provides a convenient interface that makes it easy to analyze publics, competition and self-performance.

  • Uses a wide range of social platforms including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, VK (one of the top social networking sources in the world), and Stack Overflow (a community of 6.6 million programmers). The program also has a list of more than three million blogs and RSS feeds.
  • Monitors keywords, groups and topics in more than twenty languages.
  • Allows users to manage and control communication crises from one central platform.

What Now?

All these programs are available for free to BYU Communications students. Whether you end up at an agency, corporation, university or non-profit organization, learning these four digital marketing platforms will help you stay ahead of the curve in this competitive industry.

Written by Kei Akoi Clark