Paid Media



Paid Media involves various strategic marketing techniques that utilize paid methods to enhance visibility, pursue specific objectives, and generate a favorable return on investment (ROI). This domain includes numerous channels such as paid search, paid social media, programmatic/display advertising, and connected/streaming TV, among others. Paid media covers all promotional activities that rely on paid avenues instead of organic or “earned” methods.

These campaigns prioritize premium outcomes by targeting advertisements to the appropriate audience at the optimal time. AVX Digital employs Kenshoo, a sophisticated tool integrating machine learning and AI, to continuously analyze and optimize campaign performance.

AVX Digital’s effectiveness is evidenced by its recognition as a 5x Google All-Star Partner, placing it in the top 0.5% of agencies in the United States. This status provides AVX with unique access to a dedicated Google team, offering additional insights and resources. Similar direct connections are established with major platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and various other publishers.

While distinct from organic marketing efforts, Paid Media can complement and enhance them. AVX Digital’s omni-channel approach ensures a cohesive strategy across all digital fronts, addressing any discrepancies in both paid and organic content.

For those interested in leveraging the advantages of paid media, AVX Digital offers expertise in effectively integrating these strategies into broader marketing efforts. Contact AVX Digital to discover how paid media can elevate your marketing strategy.